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Holly's Bed and Biscuit, located in Oregon's “garden spot” and situated in
the shadow of Mount Hood, is an one-of-a-kind canine country retreat.
Owned and operated by Holly Reynolds in Canby since 2004, the Bed &
Biscuit specializes in dog AND handler training, boarding/training
packages, grooming, a pet taxi, and more!

Holly's career in canine conditioning, training, and general wellness began
much earlier though, in 1980. She can customize your dog's stay to
address any training or behavioral concerns, physical conditioning, and
nutrition. With benefits such as socialization, enforcement of good
manners, and lots of good fun, your dog won't want to leave the Bed &

We are proud to care for your dog as if it was our own. Please explore our
detailed available services and contact Holly with any questions.

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